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Update 09/01/19

We have sorted out the insurance issues and the site is now re-opened. Thank you for your patience whilst the site was closed and again, our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Update 31/12/18

We apologise for the temporary closure of the Compost Magic site. We are having difficulties renewing our Public Liability Insurance and until this is resolved we can not allow admittance to the site. It is unfortunate that the problems have occurred over the Christmas and New Year period when there is no-one available at the Insurers to discuss and overcome the issues. We are doing all we can to resolve the situation and will let you know as soon as possible when the site will be reopened. 

 Update 12/08/18

 To make sure that only current members have access to the site the gate code will be changing on 01/09/18. We will send another email to members by the end of August. To ensure the long term sustainability of the project we ask you not pass on the code to others beyond your household but encourage them to sign up to the scheme via the website.



Update 26/04/17

The new committee met last night and were very encouraged by the fantastic take up for membership of the new UCM project.  Without the support of new members the project would fail before it got off the ground. 

The vast majority of new members are finding the new scheme is working very well and are arranging to take their green waste to the site in bags that they can carry/drag through the single gate which now gives them access.

The committee asked that members be reminded, that the double gates can no longer be opened by members and you will be unable to drive into the site.  This is to comply with the new licence we have obtained for the site and the new way of dealing with the material.  We wish to keep the site open for the majority of the community who are using it and unfortunately do not have the funds or the licence to deal with large trailers.

The committee also wished to congratulate both the members for sorting their waste into the correct piles on site and to Nick (The site contractor) for the excellent way in which the site is being manged and maintained.  Well done everyone, it makes it so much easier to deal with the material on site.

Update 11/04/17

Site is now open for domestic green material and there are also lots of wonderful products for you to purchase at very reasonable prices on site.

Update 26/03/17

Site will re open on 1st April. Please go to the join page to sign up.

Update 08/03/17

There was a fantastic turnout for the AGM and launch of the new project.  Those present obviously had lots of questions to ask and the committee answered all they could on the night but there are bound to be others so keep watching this site.

The new project will be a paid for service but because of a recent change of heart from MDC will not have to be as high as first thought.

Members will pay: £24.00
If you have a large garden and use the site a lot we ask you to be honest and pay: £36.00
Those who do not have a garden or use the brown bin service from MDC can be a ‘plastics only’ member for FREE.

Please sign up on the here


Update 25/02/17

Please check the information regarding the AGM on that page

Update: 09/02/17

AGM Monday 6 March, Magelake 7.30pm all members and those interested in joining the new project are welcome. After the formal business, we will update you on how the new project will work.

Update: 18/12/16 - please read the following document:


Change to Community Compost Credit Rate

Response to items listed in the ‘Impact Assessment’ document.


Background of how the 'old' model worked:

The reason that Compost Magic has managed to continue from year to year is that we are paid Recycling Credits by Devon County Council.  In the early days of the project we helped to divert green waste from going to landfill, and to facilitate this, they paid us a subsidy for each ton of compost we produced.

This has continued at a rate which enables us to fund the project (just about) in most years.  We are only paid when the compost leaves the site, which is why we asked you to complete ‘tickets’ when you took the compost away.


We have recently been advised by DCC that they feel that their situation has changed; with the economies of scale that they can now achieve, having subcontracted their green waste collection, it is no longer appropriate to pay the subsidy at the same rate.  It is therefore proposed that the rate is reduced by more than 50%.  This means that there is simply no way in which we can make up the shortfall and keep the project going using the current model.

The proposals are laid out on the DCC website if you wish to take a look.

We are currently trying to find a way for someone to run a similar scheme on a commercial basis.  It is however only fair to let you know that the present Committee have no desire to soldier on the current basis.

Because of the very long composting cycle of 12 months or more, we can no longer accept further green waste as we are doubtful that we can operate beyond the end of this financial year.